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10 Things for Moving Across the Pond for College

10 Things for Moving Across the Pond for College

When you move to a new country things can be difficult. Here are my ten things I would tell anyone to do before they make that gigantic leap across the pond!

1. Don’t leave packing to the night before because then things will get confusing. You will have more stuff to pack than what can fit in that small suitcase of yours.

2. Electrical outlets in America are different from those everywhere else. You have to be prepared to have a converter.

3.You realize you only can figure out money in your own currency… not America’s.

4. You will get lost in a new place, so Google Maps is your new best friend.

5. Time zones are the most confusing thing – especially with daylight saving time.

6. You don’t realize you have an accent until you are surrounded by people who do not have the same accent.

7. Your passport becomes more important than your life, so never lose it.

8. 99% of Americans will tell you that they have some type of Scottish in them, so be prepared.

10. It’s best if you make friends with people who drive because it’s a bit hard to drive your car across the pond…

Victoria Aitken is a sophomore majoring in education at Dallas Christian College.

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