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Month: November 2016

Vanessa Muñoz is Undeterred

In the video above, undeterred senior student Vanessa Muñoz, ministry-leadership major from Ft. Worth, reflects on the challenge of overcoming discouragement and pressing on to the goal.  Upon graduating, Vanessa hopes to earn a master’s in theology or else dive right into work with a local women’s ministry, “wherever they need me.” Donate...

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“I’m being mentored and growing closer to God by being here”

Victoria Aitken, from Buckie, a little town far north in Scotland, where DCC alum and professor Dr. Scott Middleton has ministered, has more of a close-call story.  Having grown up in a Christian home, she was ready to study sports education at her dream school, University of Edinburgh, and to party (hard to believe if you know the Victoria we know). “And then I lost the desire to go there.  I was driving with my mom, who was teaching me to drive, and I told her I didn’t want to go there.”  Her mom told her to pray, so...

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It’s All About Worship: Food, Service, and the Soul

DCC is a weird little school, no doubt about it, one reason being that everyone who works here not only generally likes working here but also knows that their work is ministry for the kingdom of God.  Whether we be faculty or financial aid or maintenance, we see ourselves as servants and mentors. This applies to the cafeteria as well.  The cafeteria staff not only like to cook and serve good food but  also like to set an atmosphere of joy and service.  Patrick Bergman is the head chef and manager.  His staff includes three permanent part-time assistants, Norma Droz, Luke Eubank, and Don Pugh, and...

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A Talk With a Buddhist Part 2 of 4

Recently, I was tasked with an assignment at seminary that called for me to interview someone with a different religious belief from mine. The purpose was to get to know someone and engage in a conversation that revealed what beliefs they had specifically. What follows is Part 2 of a series of posts that will describe my interaction with a self-proclaimed Buddhist. If you have not read part 1 please click here. “What really drew you to Buddhism anyway?” I asked. Carrie told me that she has a fine arts degree, has travelled quite a bit, and “just became open to whatever.” She moved to California...

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