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Month: March 2017


This group of panelists (Michael Gavin, Markus Lloyd, Antwuan Malone, Deborah Hill, Amanda Giordano), called Reset, guide us through some cultural conversation with racial heritage and...

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The Piedmont Lectures: A Little History

Where does this annual lectureship at DCC come from?  Is it named for the Piedmont region of Italy? (No.)  The Piedmont Plateau of North Carolina?  (No.) Piedmont College in Georgia? (No.) Is it from the Piedmont Addition, a neighborhood of Dallas near Pleasant Grove? (Getting warm.) Is it from Piedmont Church of Christ, Dallas? (Yes!) For many years Piedmont Church of Christ supported Christian higher education through Southeastern Christian College in Winchester, KY, but in 1979, Southeastern closed (its campus is now a public park), and Piedmont Church of Christ began a relationship with DCC, a relationship that included...

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Finding A Way | Kyle Spurgin

DCC has always been blessed by the help of volunteers, from those from area churches who have helped paint and clean dormitories, to youth groups landscaping on spring break, to folks in retirement who serve in offices, dorms, and community (the Arringtons these days, or Mrs. Crawford in the past, e.g.). Rarely does a young person starting out in a career (and marriage) have much time to volunteer, but this year Kyle Spurgin has found a way.  From 1:00 to 5:00 or 6:00 most weekdays, and weekends when there are games, he is out on the baseball field as...

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New Vice President for Enrollment Management to Join Team

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 6, 2017 DCC is happy to announce that, beginning April 3, the Enrollment Management office will come under the leadership of Mr. Mac Ingmire, including the areas of admissions, financial aid, and athletics. Mac comes to DCC with an impressive array of experience in both enrollment management and athletic administration.  He is an alumnus of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL, where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.  While at LCU, he interned in marketing for the athletic department at Illinois State University.  Upon graduation from LCU, he worked for...

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