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Month: August 2017

Dallas Christian College Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Today in Chapel, the Dallas Christian College community prayed for all of those in our state who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, including those in our own DCC family. Our hearts hurt with those who are suffering. Please find below the three ways we are beginning our relief efforts. Assist DCC Family: In order to help those in our DCC Family who have been impacted, we ask that you contact the College at the email address below. We want to establish ways we can help you. Assist Locally: Through the Initiative for Kingdom Engagement (IKE), DCC has partnered with...

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Finding Your Calling

Have you found your calling? Everyone has a calling, no matter how they earn their living.  In fact, Scripture is clear that every believer is called to many tasks, including loving others, making disciples, encouraging other believers, and teaching and exemplifying godliness, to name a few.  “Calling” may refer to these tasks, but it also may refer to a very specific call by God to the individual, a call, for example, to minister to unreached people in a faraway place.  In this article, “calling” refers to the way that God works through the life of a Christian to align...

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