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Abby Lopez as Student Government President

Abby Lopez did not want to come to DCC—it’s too small, too close to home (she’s from Carrollton, just up the road), and all that. But her parents insisted: it’s a Christian school, close to home, and all that. So she came, determined not to like it and determined not to stay.

Now, three years later, she is a junior, majoring in psychology, and is this year’s Student Government president.

How does this happen?  Abby relates that on her first night on campus, she was invited to go hang out with some upperclassmen to get their nails done. She declined, determined to be miserable, and went out to eat by herself.


Sitting alone at that meal, she says, “I realized that I was only hurting myself by holding myself back from a great college experience. I gave myself a pep talk, changed my attitude to a positive one, and got involved. Once I let those walls down and let myself dive in, I fell in love with the school and its people. This is home to me, and this is where I have grown the most.”

Serving as SG vice president last year, she is experienced in serving the student body, both through SG social events and service ones.  Her goal this year is to “build a community of unity” in the student body.  She is seeking ways to help students take advantage of the opportunities a small school like DCC provides for students to get to know each other and to get to know the faculty and staff.

“DCC is a school where the professors care to know who you are and what your goals are. And they want to help you achieve them.”  She wants to see Student Government be fully aligned with those same values and attitudes.

Abby grew up in a Christian home—both her parents are pastors.  Has DCC influenced her faith?  She relies, “My relationship with Christ has always been strong.  However, DCC provided me with the tools and people I never knew I needed.  Since being here at DCC, I have gained an amazing mentor—the chair of the psychology department—and have been given endless opportunities for ministering.”

She is grateful that DCC has given her a supportive environment to overcome difficulties she has faced and has also strengthened her faith by challenging her to know why she believes as she does.

From this base, she plans to go on to graduate school, eventually to a Ph.D., in order to minister to women through a Christian use of psychology.

We know that Abby will do amazing things during her time as Student Government President!

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