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Author: Bruce Long

DCC Welcomes Dr. Thompson as New Chair of the Business Department

This Fall 2017 semester, our business students were greeted by a new chair of the business department. DCC’s former business chair resigned this summer (snatched away by Purdue University), but God had the right person just waiting to join the mission of DCC. Dr. Larry Thompson comes to DCC with work experience in both Fortune 500 companies and his own business. He has been heavily involved in learning and development, talent management, and diversity training for the past 30 years in a variety of capacities. Dr. Thompson will continue his consulting business part time in order to maintain his experience...

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Adaptive Learning Technology Enables Biblical Education From Anywhere

My wife and I are opposites when it comes to technology. She isn’t a Luddite, but she only wants technology that has a clear benefit such as saving her time and energy. Plus, she wants it to work “auto-magically”—which means someone like me sets it up to work every time in a way that seems like magic! I, on the other hand, am attracted to all new technology and want to try it out regardless of whether it has a clear use or not. I believe educational technology needs to fall somewhere in between the way my wife and...

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