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Author: Dr. Cara Snyder

The Piedmont Lectures: A Little History

Where does this annual lectureship at DCC come from?  Is it named for the Piedmont region of Italy? (No.)  The Piedmont Plateau of North Carolina?  (No.) Piedmont College in Georgia? (No.) Is it from the Piedmont Addition, a neighborhood of Dallas near Pleasant Grove? (Getting warm.) Is it from Piedmont Church of Christ, Dallas? (Yes!) For many years Piedmont Church of Christ supported Christian higher education through Southeastern Christian College in Winchester, KY, but in 1979, Southeastern closed (its campus is now a public park), and Piedmont Church of Christ began a relationship with DCC, a relationship that included...

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Finding A Way | Kyle Spurgin

DCC has always been blessed by the help of volunteers, from those from area churches who have helped paint and clean dormitories, to youth groups landscaping on spring break, to folks in retirement who serve in offices, dorms, and community (the Arringtons these days, or Mrs. Crawford in the past, e.g.). Rarely does a young person starting out in a career (and marriage) have much time to volunteer, but this year Kyle Spurgin has found a way.  From 1:00 to 5:00 or 6:00 most weekdays, and weekends when there are games, he is out on the baseball field as...

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Annual Alumni Baseball Season Kick-Off

Crusader baseball season opened Saturday, January 28, with an exhibition game against an alumni team, an exciting game that demonstrated that alums don’t have to go to seed after college. Those watching were impressed by the playing on both sides. But what happens after DCC baseball?  Professional baseball?  Ministry?  “Get a job”? A visit to the dugout revealed that, if the alums who showed up for the game are any indication, Coach Denny Dixon’s folks are doing what they ought to be doing. Though this is a highly unscientific survey, everyone was happy to tell me what they are...

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Graduation Felt Like a Reunion | Andrew Heisler ’14

Alums in the Field:  Andrew Heisler, Newberg, Oregon Andy Heisler made his first trip to Texas in May of 2014—for his DCC graduation.  It was his first trip because all his DCC work, basically the last half of his degree, had been done through DCC’s FLEXcampus®. “Graduation felt like a reunion,” he says, “because the sense of community that had been built in the online format was real. FLEX really is distinct.”   In town this week to attend a ministry workshop at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, Andy, accompanied by nine-year-old daughter Sofie, came by campus to share...

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Praise for 2016, Pray for 2017 | Luke & Lindsey Greer

Alums in the Field, the Harvest Field, That Is: Luke and Lindsay Greer Where to begin?  Is this an article about what alums are doing, or about what God is doing in the world?  Well, both.  It’s about the amazing work that alums Luke and Lindsay Greer (and their three kids) are getting to do with Orchard Group, the church-planting outfit with roots way back to 1948, when Elmer Kyle started Go-Ye Chapel as a small bus converted to a mobile chapel that served NYC’s boroughs. Charles Faust continued that “little” work, which today has morphed into one of...

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The Piedmont Lectures and Jazz

The Piedmont Lectures and jazz?  Now that’s a surprise!  But it’s true—this year’s Piedmont Lectures are taking a turn to the music, a turn that also fits well with Black History Month. Professor Dennis Reynolds of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music will speak under the banner of the Piedmont Lectures on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22-23, on the topic “The Impact of American Jazz on American Secular and Sacred Music and Culture.” On Wednesday, February 22,from 11-12:20 a.m., he will meet in class in the Banquet Hall with HIST 4300 American Civil Rights Movement.  All students and other visitors...

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“I’m being mentored and growing closer to God by being here”

Victoria Aitken, from Buckie, a little town far north in Scotland, where DCC alum and professor Dr. Scott Middleton has ministered, has more of a close-call story.  Having grown up in a Christian home, she was ready to study sports education at her dream school, University of Edinburgh, and to party (hard to believe if you know the Victoria we know). “And then I lost the desire to go there.  I was driving with my mom, who was teaching me to drive, and I told her I didn’t want to go there.”  Her mom told her to pray, so...

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It’s All About Worship: Food, Service, and the Soul

DCC is a weird little school, no doubt about it, one reason being that everyone who works here not only generally likes working here but also knows that their work is ministry for the kingdom of God.  Whether we be faculty or financial aid or maintenance, we see ourselves as servants and mentors. This applies to the cafeteria as well.  The cafeteria staff not only like to cook and serve good food but  also like to set an atmosphere of joy and service.  Patrick Bergman is the head chef and manager.  His staff includes three permanent part-time assistants, Norma Droz, Luke Eubank, and Don Pugh, and...

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Homecoming: Through the Decades Dinner Event Recap

Homecoming has come and gone on another beautiful October weekend. Because last year’s was such a big event at the Wyndham Garden hotel across the street, it’s no surprise that this year’s event was pretty small in attendance, with maybe 45-50 (counting men, women, and children) at the Friday night dinner in the Banquet Hall. But it was an excellent occasion. Those of us who’ve been here for years and those of us who are new were inspired and blessed by the stories from seven alumni representing our six and half decades. And the food was great, too (pasta Alfredo, among...

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Hannah Haskell as Student Government Vice President

Hannah is also a junior this year, majoring in education.  Her goals include teaching first in a school serving a low-income neighborhood and then pursuing a master’s in educational leadership in order to move into public-school administration. As she has progressed in her major at DCC, she has discovered how valuable DCC’s mentoring program is. As she puts it, the program “equips each student who utilizes it with valuable resources for their future.  DCC connects us with mentors who are doing what we hope to do some day.”  Thus the students are not only being equipped with the knowledge...

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