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Hannah Haskell as Student Government Vice President

Hannah is also a junior this year, majoring in education.  Her goals include teaching first in a school serving a low-income neighborhood and then pursuing a master’s in educational leadership in order to move into public-school administration. As she has progressed in her major at DCC, she has discovered how valuable DCC’s mentoring program is. As she puts it, the program “equips each student who utilizes it with valuable resources for their future.  DCC connects us with mentors who are doing what we hope to do some day.”  Thus the students are not only being equipped with the knowledge...

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As My College Experience Comes to a Close…

Memories. Once college is over, all you have to look back on are the many memories you made and the knowledge you gained. Some of the greatest memories come from the moments when you are not trying to make something magical happen, but when you are sitting there with the people you love simply doing life. As I sit here just days away, literally less than 100 hours away from graduation, I am thinking back on all of the memories I have made in my four years at Dallas Christian College. Suddenly I am flooded with those memories – countless...

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10 Things for Moving Across the Pond for College

When you move to a new country things can be difficult. Here are my ten things I would tell anyone to do before they make that gigantic leap across the pond! 1. Don’t leave packing to the night before because then things will get confusing. You will have more stuff to pack than what can fit in that small suitcase of yours. 2. Electrical outlets in America are different from those everywhere else. You have to be prepared to have a converter. 3.You realize you only can figure out money in your own currency… not America’s. 4. You will get lost in...

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Financial Tips for the First Year

During my 10 years in Higher education, I have seen students make some poor financial decisions. With the new responsibilities and freedoms that come with being a college student, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let me help you avoid the typical freshman blunders! These 5 tips will save you some money and headache…’re welcome! (learn about FAFSA here)  1. Don’t buy a car the 1st year! Dallas Christian College is in a great location. Food, fun, and shopping are just a bus or train ride away. Why waste money on a car payment, insurance, and gas? Put those...

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5 Signs it’s Finals Week at DCC

When the library is actually filled with people. Everyone is studying and everyone is working hard. You know it’s finals time.       2. When it’s 2 in the morning and you still have about 3 more hours of studying. It’s that time of night when you’re ready to give up and just get a bad grade but you ignore it and just keep going.       3. When nothing is going right anymore and you spill coffee all over your notes.     4. When your clothes show how tired you are. But as long as...

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