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The Piedmont Lectures and Jazz

The Piedmont Lectures and jazz?  Now that’s a surprise!  But it’s true—this year’s Piedmont Lectures are taking a turn to the music, a turn that also fits well with Black History Month. Professor Dennis Reynolds of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music will speak under the banner of the Piedmont Lectures on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22-23, on the topic “The Impact of American Jazz on American Secular and Sacred Music and Culture.” On Wednesday, February 22,from 11-12:20 a.m., he will meet in class in the Banquet Hall with HIST 4300 American Civil Rights Movement.  All students and other visitors...

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Homecoming: Through the Decades Dinner Event Recap

Homecoming has come and gone on another beautiful October weekend. Because last year’s was such a big event at the Wyndham Garden hotel across the street, it’s no surprise that this year’s event was pretty small in attendance, with maybe 45-50 (counting men, women, and children) at the Friday night dinner in the Banquet Hall. But it was an excellent occasion. Those of us who’ve been here for years and those of us who are new were inspired and blessed by the stories from seven alumni representing our six and half decades. And the food was great, too (pasta Alfredo, among...

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SALTeens Production coming to Dallas this Weekend!

SALTeens, which stands for Singing And Living Truth, is a program that presents the Gospel using music and drama to churches throughout the Southwest. This year, the program’s theme is “identity,” focusing on the identity that we have as believers in Christ. The students and directors have been preparing for the performances over the last several weeks, and are excited about this year’s theme and opportunity to perform in their own city, right here in Dallas, this weekend. SALTeens will perform tomorrow, June 25th, at Lakeview Christian Church in Garland, TX at 7:00 p.m. On June 26th, they will...

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Summer Kingdom Week 2016: Staff and Students Minister in Nepal.

Can your story about what Jesus has done for you be boiled down to five words?  Can those five words open the door for someone else to become a believer? That was the task set before twelve DCC-connected folks and the many Nepalese people who participated in three evangelism workshops DCC held in Nepal between May 16 and June 1 as part of DCC’s second Kingdom Week mission to Nepal (yes, the mostly Hindu nation where Chomolungma/Mt. Everest resides). [1] Using curriculum from Mission Frontiers called Training for Trainers, the DCC team led participants in choosing two words to describe...

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Crusader Connect 2016: Welcome New Students!

College is an important milestone in a young student’s life. In just a few short months, new students will join us in our mission in becoming a person of even greater influence, under God’s influence, for a life of influence. Crusader Connect is an event about joining the legacy of influential students and graduates who are making a difference for Christ around the globe. Here are some of the things we do at Crusader Connect to give students an easy transition into college life. Introduction to Life at DCC Meet the President Future students will get to hear the...

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Dallas Christian College 2016 Commencement Ceremony a Worship Experience

Commencements are like funerals: black robes, serious marching, and tearful goodbyes. Commencements are like heart surgery: the staff has done it many times, but for the patient and family, it’s a first. But they are also like birth—celebrated with hope and fear, joy and love. Literally, “commencement” goes back to the Latin root that means “to begin,” but the prefix on it, the “com-“ is an intensive: that is, a commencement is an intense beginning. No question about that. On Friday evening, May 13, the class of 2016 experienced all of this in a glorious service of praise to...

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DCC Sending Students and Staff to Nepal in May

Dallas Christian College will send a team to the roof of the world in May 2016!  A dozen students, staff, and guests will travel to three cities in Nepal where they will lead Nepali young adults at various discipleship conferences.  After each daylong conference, the team will join the Nepali believers in public spaces to engage their communities with Christ through evangelism.  The goal is to assist in kindling lasting relationships between unbelievers and our Nepali brothers and sisters.  In addition to this church planting strategy, our team will have many other opportunities to encounter God’s Kingdom growing in Nepal. ...

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DCC’s Practical Ministries Conference A Success

  The whole idea was to have topics and sessions that those who attended would be able to take home and utilize in their churches. The practicum was sponsored by Christian Development Fund and DCC. The main speaker was Chris Seidman of The Branch Church in Farmers Branch. The tracks included the following: Multicultural Worship, led by Scott Spies of Dallas Christian College Marketing Your Church: Inside and Out, led by Ted Vaughn of CDF The Church in the Community, led by Brandon Shaffer, pastor of Valley View Christian in Edgewood, NM. Developing Leadership in the Church (Mentoring), led by Sean Morgan of CDF Using Media...

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Dozens of Students Honored in Chapel

DALLAS, Texas- Whether the school be giant or tiny, excellence emerges and deserves proper recognition. At the annual Honors Chapel this year, fifty students were honored. In a student body of roughly three hundred, that’s a high percentage of honorees, indicative of the spirit of Christian influence that DCC hopes to inculcate. After music by seniors Joshua Bowers, Amarys Chavez, and Caitlin Martin, singing “This Is the Day,” by Phil Wickham, Dr. Perry Stepp, academic dean, addressed the assembly, using as his texts Psalm 1 (read by Student Council leader Joey Martinez) and Luke 16.10. Dr. Stepp contrasted the...

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DCC President: “Purpose of Kingdom Week to Spread the Gospel”

Each year, Dallas Christian College sends faculty, staff, and students across the globe. Their experiences are transformative as participants immerse themselves into unique cultures, grow closer in their friendships, and also have a substantial amount of fun. For months prior to departure, students work, save, and raise the money needed to go, and also spend a substantial amount of time learning about the cultures of the people groups they will soon encounter. They prepare with purpose, for they will go for the same reason that missionaries have gone throughout the Church age: to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ...

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