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Category: History

The Piedmont Lectures: A Little History

Where does this annual lectureship at DCC come from?  Is it named for the Piedmont region of Italy? (No.)  The Piedmont Plateau of North Carolina?  (No.) Piedmont College in Georgia? (No.) Is it from the Piedmont Addition, a neighborhood of Dallas near Pleasant Grove? (Getting warm.) Is it from Piedmont Church of Christ, Dallas? (Yes!) For many years Piedmont Church of Christ supported Christian higher education through Southeastern Christian College in Winchester, KY, but in 1979, Southeastern closed (its campus is now a public park), and Piedmont Church of Christ began a relationship with DCC, a relationship that included...

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Humble Beginnings | 29 Students In 1952

Noteworthy items in this one include the doubling of enrollment (to 29), what happens when the cook is sick, and ways local churches have helped the college through the years. And while the library in 1952 was struggling to get to 2000 volumes, the current DCC Crawford Library contains 36,000 print books, 38,000 electronic books, 80 print journals, and 3100 full-text electronic journals. Stay tuned to find out whether that goal of 100 students was reached in...

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This and That from Here and There from 1952

Another newsletter from DCC’s archives–September 1952. Noteworthy in this one are the many individuals and congregations who were helping DCC get moving, the enrollment figure of the nascent school, and the conference featuring a “thrilling” contest. Building use would probably raise some eyebrows these days, too–read closely to find that one. It is our hope that DCC’s students today–whether vocational ministers or educators or business people or psychologists or sports managers–recognize their role as members of the body of Christ and participate in the life of that body, not only in Texas but also throughout the world. May we...

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1952 Article From Vernon Newland

Another Newsletter from the Past—January 5, 1952 Newsletter demonstrates DCC’s commitment to assisting local congregations and the local congregations’ commitment to supporting DCC—a dollar-a-month. (A dollar went a lot further back then:  in 2016, that one dollar would be $9.06 (US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics). Has your congregation considered a monthly contribution lately? $10.00? $100.00? DCC needs your help just as much as ever. Consider a...

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