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Category: Student Stories

Vanessa Muñoz is Undeterred

In the video above, undeterred senior student Vanessa Muñoz, ministry-leadership major from Ft. Worth, reflects on the challenge of overcoming discouragement and pressing on to the goal.  Upon graduating, Vanessa hopes to earn a master’s in theology or else dive right into work with a local women’s ministry, “wherever they need me.” Donate...

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“I’m being mentored and growing closer to God by being here”

Victoria Aitken, from Buckie, a little town far north in Scotland, where DCC alum and professor Dr. Scott Middleton has ministered, has more of a close-call story.  Having grown up in a Christian home, she was ready to study sports education at her dream school, University of Edinburgh, and to party (hard to believe if you know the Victoria we know). “And then I lost the desire to go there.  I was driving with my mom, who was teaching me to drive, and I told her I didn’t want to go there.”  Her mom told her to pray, so...

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Servant Award—Ironic and Iconic

The last thing that humble Christian servants want is attention for their service. But since Christian service is precisely what DCC wants to inculcate, it is fitting that there be an award that honors a servant’s attitude and behavior. Thus, we have the Servant Award, instituted in the 1990s and determined by vote of the students alone, without faculty/staff input, honoring the student who most clearly exemplifies Jesus’ service to others. And wouldn’t you know that junior student Blayze Lingo, when asked about the award this year, immediately named the person who he thinks should have received it instead...

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DCC Junior Student Selected “2016 Outstanding Student Worker”

Schools and their student workers have a symbiotic relationship: student workers can walk to work, arrange work around their class schedules, and get an inside look at the functioning of the school. Meanwhile, the school relies on student workers to help carry out the mission and operations of the school. At DCC, the system also gives staff the opportunity to mentor students in behaviors and values that the classroom may only get to talk about. That’s a big help in fulfilling our mentoring mission. Starting this year the faculty and staff decided to honor an outstanding student worker. DCC...

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Junior Student Keldrick Brown’s Incredible Story

Keldrick Brown is a junior at Dallas Christian College.  He came into a relationship with DCC through our Urban Ministry Team that serves in partnership with World Impact Dallas, which is an urban church planting ministry led by DCC alum, Ted Smith.  Keldrick is a leader on campus, and is a wonderful part of the ethnic diversity on our campus (23% Hispanic, 25% African-American, and 48% White).  He grew up in South Dallas, an under resourced part of the city – a rough part of the city.  He works hard at Discount Tires to help pay his way through...

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