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Finding Your Calling

Have you found your calling? Everyone has a calling, no matter how they earn their living.  In fact, Scripture is clear that every believer is called to many tasks, including loving others, making disciples, encouraging other believers, and teaching and exemplifying godliness, to name a few.  “Calling” may refer to these tasks, but it also may refer to a very specific call by God to the individual, a call, for example, to minister to unreached people in a faraway place.  In this article, “calling” refers to the way that God works through the life of a Christian to align...

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Annual Alumni Baseball Season Kick-Off

Crusader baseball season opened Saturday, January 28, with an exhibition game against an alumni team, an exciting game that demonstrated that alums don’t have to go to seed after college. Those watching were impressed by the playing on both sides. But what happens after DCC baseball?  Professional baseball?  Ministry?  “Get a job”? A visit to the dugout revealed that, if the alums who showed up for the game are any indication, Coach Denny Dixon’s folks are doing what they ought to be doing. Though this is a highly unscientific survey, everyone was happy to tell me what they are...

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Graduation Felt Like a Reunion | Andrew Heisler ’14

Alums in the Field:  Andrew Heisler, Newberg, Oregon Andy Heisler made his first trip to Texas in May of 2014—for his DCC graduation.  It was his first trip because all his DCC work, basically the last half of his degree, had been done through DCC’s FLEXcampus®. “Graduation felt like a reunion,” he says, “because the sense of community that had been built in the online format was real. FLEX really is distinct.”   In town this week to attend a ministry workshop at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, Andy, accompanied by nine-year-old daughter Sofie, came by campus to share...

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Praise for 2016, Pray for 2017 | Luke & Lindsey Greer

Alums in the Field, the Harvest Field, That Is: Luke and Lindsay Greer Where to begin?  Is this an article about what alums are doing, or about what God is doing in the world?  Well, both.  It’s about the amazing work that alums Luke and Lindsay Greer (and their three kids) are getting to do with Orchard Group, the church-planting outfit with roots way back to 1948, when Elmer Kyle started Go-Ye Chapel as a small bus converted to a mobile chapel that served NYC’s boroughs. Charles Faust continued that “little” work, which today has morphed into one of...

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It’s All About Worship: Food, Service, and the Soul

DCC is a weird little school, no doubt about it, one reason being that everyone who works here not only generally likes working here but also knows that their work is ministry for the kingdom of God.  Whether we be faculty or financial aid or maintenance, we see ourselves as servants and mentors. This applies to the cafeteria as well.  The cafeteria staff not only like to cook and serve good food but  also like to set an atmosphere of joy and service.  Patrick Bergman is the head chef and manager.  His staff includes three permanent part-time assistants, Norma Droz, Luke Eubank, and Don Pugh, and...

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DCC Service Day…The Service Continues Long After the Day

Each semester Dallas Christian College engages all students (and faculty and staff) in a day of service to the community.  On October 13, 150 students, 19 staff, and one alum worked at 13 sites in Carrollton and Farmers Branch.  Our teams repaired homes for 8 senior citizens, sang and shared joy at three nursing or special-care facilities, and served the City of Farmers Branch in the historical park and the John Burke Nature Preserve. Kent Arrington and Gary Adams had made all the arrangements.  But one location had to be cancelled at the last minute.  Perhaps God wanted to add...

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‘I have a revelation about God’s will for your lives’ Bruce Long Addresses Students in Chapel

Dallas, Texas- Bruce Long, interim vice president for academic affairs, spoke in chapel today about knowing God’s will for our lives. In his college years, Bruce had a plan to be an electrical engineer. However, after high school, he attended a Christ in Youth conference. There he sensed God calling him to full-time Christian service. “The church was always an important part of my life, but that changed that very moment at that conference. Right then, my faith was not second hand just because of my family … it was my faith,” Bruce says. Adding, “I experienced a total shifting...

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The Cafeteria Opens for Business!

Over the course of this summer, DCC has been making big changes to our cafeteria. We are excited to announce that our new and improved cafeteria will open Wednesday at 7:30 am for breakfast! The official hours of the Cafeteria are: Monday-Friday: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm Saturday: 11:00 – 11:44 am, 5:00 – 5:30 pm Sunday: Closed     For more information about the new features in the Cafeteria click...

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The Annual Back to School Fair

Tonight, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the DCC gym, is the annual Back to School Fair. Students will have the opportunity to talk with various churches, businesses, and school departments. Current, new students, and community are encourage to be there! Here is the list of churches, Businesses and School Departments available to students tonight:  School Departments: Encounter and TRIA Athletics Kingdom Week Urban Team Student Government Worship Arts True 2 Life Student Development Cornerstone Crusader Store Flag Football League Alumni Ministry Teams Admissions Businesses: YMCA Town North Reading Partners Dr. Pepper StarCenter BB&T Project Transformation Camp Gladiator Council on Alcohol and...

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