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As My College Experience Comes to a Close…

Memories. Once college is over, all you have to look back on are the many memories you made and the knowledge you gained. Some of the greatest memories come from the moments when you are not trying to make something magical happen, but when you are sitting there with the people you love simply doing life.

As I sit here just days away, literally less than 100 hours away from graduation, I am thinking back on all of the memories I have made in my four years at Dallas Christian College.

Suddenly I am flooded with those memories – countless movie nights where we ate chocolate donuts from walmart and hot Cheetos with valetina hot sauce all over them. I am reminded of the night when my closest friends and I had confession time where we shared our struggle with one another. This ultimately brought us closer together and closer to the Lord.

And I remember studying all night for finals because the day before we decided we would do anything but our homework. I remember Taco Thursday for two years straight (no wonder we never had money because we spent all of it on tacos.) I remember chill nights and also homework nights at my friend Caitlin’s house. The countless road trips for camp teams, choir tours, trips to Austin, trips to OKC, mission trips to Mexico, and even a week long trip to Nebraska. I remember Sunday night “family” dinners. Not only were these people my friends, but they became my family.

As I wrap up this season in my life I want to encourage you to make as many lasting memories as you can, not for the sake of blasting social media with cool pictures you can take, but so you have something to look back on and cherish – These could be the best years of your life.

Ashley Hudspeth is a 2016 graduate of Dallas Christian College and majored in practical ministries.

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