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Crusader Baseball’s Head Coach Exemplary Leader and Mentor

Crusader Baseball’s Head Coach Exemplary Leader and Mentor

DALLAS, Texas- Dallas Christian College just concluded its sixth season of Crusader baseball. Each year the program gets better, building on the successes of the previous year and taking significant steps to take the program to the next level.

Based on their recent successes, it is hard to believe that the program has only been around for six seasons. The program looks much different now than it did in its inaugural season, spring 2010. At that time, there was no baseball field on campus so the team traveled to Reverchon Park to play home games, the same park where several MLB hall of famers, including Willie Mays and Bob Feller, played on back when the park was a local attraction in the 1950s.

In just a short time, Crusader baseball has become a huge success. Three NCCAA World Series appearances (placing second in 2013), one ACCA National Tournament Championship, and the program has recently been promoted to NCCAA Division I.

This success has brought many opportunities and challenges for the program and often tougher opponents – facing NAIA teams such as Texas Wesleyan University, Park University and others. Yet DCC often comes away with the “W.”

Spend a few minutes with the Head Coach and manager, Denny Dixon, and suddenly all of the success this program has experienced in such a short time makes perfect sense.

Coach Dixon has all the intangibles. He is a leader and a proficient manager. For his student-athletes and those who study the game under him, he is exactly the man you would want as a teacher and mentor. He leads by example and demonstrates in word and in deed the importance of mastering the fundamentals – not just in baseball, but also in life. With nearly 40 years of experience as a coach and major league scout, he has worked with thousands of young players and has mentored over 300 coaches into the profession.
Coach Dixon is also a visionary. Just two years ago, DCC opened play at its new baseball field on campus and installed the new scoreboard shortly thereafter. Coach Dixon not only designed the new field, but also raised the majority of the funds to complete the project.

Yet there is more to the story about why and how his teams have experienced so much success since he started the program in 2009. To accomplish what he has in such a short time requires a very high level of dedication and commitment. For Coach Dixon, its all about relationships. When asked what motivates him to invest so much of himself into the program, he explained,  “I do what I do because of the relationship I have with each and every member of the team and because of my relationship with many of the faculty and staff at DCC. To see students come here as freshmen and develop as men, improve relationally and progress as student-athletes… that’s why I am here.”

And it’s working. Students in the baseball program have a high level of admiration for Coach and his leadership. Dylan Hussey, now Children’s and Family Pastor at Southwest Christian Church, Said, “Coach Dixon is the kind of guy who always delivers what he promises, and if you are in need of anything, he always finds a way to come through for you. He understands the value of training young men through sport. And He is relentless in doing so…”

The DCC community is truly indebted to Coach for all of his contributions and dedication to not just Crusader athletics, but to the College as a whole.

“We are so blessed to have Coach Dixon as a beloved member of the DCC community. He is exemplary in that he views his service to the College as service to God and His Kingdom and takes time to personally mentor each student in his program. We are proud to have him as a valuable member of our staff and look forward to the wonderful ways the Lord will use him in the future” President Smith said.

Coach Dixon is gearing up for this next season, one in which he will have many new recruits, hoping to make this next season one to remember.


Matthew Meeks is vice president of communications at Dallas Christian College and editor of the Cornerstone.

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