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Financial Tips for the First Year

During my 10 years in Higher education, I have seen students make some poor financial decisions. With the new responsibilities and freedoms that come with being a college student, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let me help you avoid the typical freshman blunders! These 5 tips will save you some money and headache…’re welcome! (learn about FAFSA here)

1. Don’t buy a car the 1st year!

Dallas Christian College is in a great location. Food, fun, and shopping are just a bus or train ride away. Why waste money on a car payment, insurance, and gas? Put those funds towards your payments.

2. Get a job!

Avoid the poor college student cliché. Working during college will add valuable experience to your résumé, and dollars to your wallet. DCC has on-campus positions available, and there are several companies nearby that offer part-time work. The Dallas-Ft. Worth job market is huge…get to work!

3. Use your meal plan!

You bought it, now use it! The DCC Café has a variety of dining options that appeal to even the pickiest palate. Our wonderful chef can accommodate most dietary preferences and allergies. Fast food lunches and dinners can easily cost you $50 or more per week. Be smart…eat in!

4. Get a bank account!

Many local banks and credit unions offer free checking and savings accounts to college students. Having a bank account will allow you to budget and pay bills with the money you will be earning from your new job. You can also link your account to your parent’s for quick transfers. Establishing a relationship with a bank will benefit you now and down the road when you’re ready to purchase a car or a house. Be responsible. Get an account!

5. Use your resources!

Make sure you develop a relationship with your financial aid officer – we are here to help you achieve your academic and financial goals. We can help! Our doors are always open, so don’t hesitate to stop by if you have questions or simply need advice from people that have walked the path before you. At DCC, you are not just a student, but a part of the family!

Breanda Gillaspie is director of student financial services at Dallas Christian College.

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