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Hannah Haskell as Student Government Vice President

Hannah is also a junior this year, majoring in education.  Her goals include teaching first in a school serving a low-income neighborhood and then pursuing a master’s in educational leadership in order to move into public-school administration.

As she has progressed in her major at DCC, she has discovered how valuable DCC’s mentoring program is. As she puts it, the program “equips each student who utilizes it with valuable resources for their future.  DCC connects us with mentors who are doing what we hope to do some day.”  Thus the students are not only being equipped with the knowledge and understanding from classroom time and research, they are learning from people in the field who also can help them connect with that field upon graduation, the old “who-you-know” element.

And her understanding of the mentoring concept will have its influence upon the way Student Government operates.  She says, “I have a passion for getting things done the right way and everyone’s opinions being heard and valued.” Mentoring works when the ones being mentored know they can be safely heard, just as Student Government works when the students know the same thing.

She knows that DCC isn’t always easy, but she has learned, as Abby has, that “if you choose to invest not just your time and money but your life, God will use you and He will bless you.” And that will be a blessing not just for the student body but for the greater world as well. She looks forward to serving with the student body “as we all learn to be an influence for His Kingdom.”

(For more about Hannah, check out the earlier Cornerstone article about “Student Worker of the Year.”)

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