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Junior Student Keldrick Brown’s Incredible Story

Keldrick Brown is a junior at Dallas Christian College.  He came into a relationship with DCC through our Urban Ministry Team that serves in partnership with World Impact Dallas, which is an urban church planting ministry led by DCC alum, Ted Smith.  Keldrick is a leader on campus, and is a wonderful part of the ethnic diversity on our campus (23% Hispanic, 25% African-American, and 48% White).  He grew up in South Dallas, an under resourced part of the city – a rough part of the city.  He works hard at Discount Tires to help pay his way through college.  His manager said, “Keldrick is an amazing young man – he works hard and has a strong faith.  We need more young men like him!”  But Keldrick doesn’t plan on staying at Discount Tires after graduation.  He plans to return to his neighborhood and minister to young people and helping them to see how God can transform their lives.  As Keldrick says, “It’s great to watch God make Himself known – like how He brought me here.  It’s amazing how God works like that!”

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Zach Worley is creative director at Dallas Christian College and the Cornerstone.

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