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With over 65 years of history, Dallas Christian College and its global community have made and continue to make a significant impact on the world for Christ and His Kingdom — that’s influence, and these are the stories that need to be told.


Mission Statement of DCC

Dallas Christian College educates and mentors students to be people of influence, under God’s influence, for a life of influence.

Mission of The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone exists to communicate how the DCC community is carrying out the College’s mission around the globe.

For over a decade, DCC has published a magazine called The Cornerstone. For many, this piece was the sole channel for news and information about DCC. This new, electronic version of The Cornerstone allows the publication of news and information to the site daily so that everyone – both within the College and in the community – can have access to the latest from DCC.

The Cornerstone features a variety of news and updates – campus announcements, features about past events, stories of students, staff, and alumni, and cultural commentary.

The Cornerstone has Three Objectives


To provide a continuous stream of news and updates from the College.


To inspire and encourage through the stories and insights of DCC administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni serving all over the world.


To introduce the community to the life and people of DCC.

Crusader News

Upcoming events and pressing information for the campus community.


Student life at DCC – articles and blurbs written by students, for students – with a bit of humor, of course. 🙂


The reflective section of The Cornerstone. Sharing what you know and think can be an encouragement to the community. This is where those thoughts and ideas are shared.

Alumni News

Job changes, marriages, newly published works, accolades, etc. The Cornerstone wants to share what’s going on in the lives of DCC alumni.



The most popular from DCC.


God is working through the lives of DCC faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This section aims to share those stories with the DCC community.


Latest from the Office of the President.


The latest news and updates from Crusader Athletics.


We want to hear from you. Submit your news, updates, and stories.

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