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A Talk With a Buddhist Part 1 of 4

Recently, I was tasked with an assignment at seminary that called for me to interview someone with a different religious belief from mine. The purpose was to get to know someone and engage in a conversation that revealed what beliefs they had specifically. What follows is Part 1 of a series of posts that will describe my interaction with a self-proclaimed Buddhist. Part 1 I arrived on a Dallas Buddhist temple ground to interview a local Buddhist about their beliefs. Oddly enough, the first person I encountered was a Thai monk wearing an orange robe. The problem was he only spoke Thai.  I knew I...

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Volleyball faces Huston-Tillotson University

The Lady Crusaders had a slow start to their match on Tuesday, but turned it up after a winning a tight second set (28:26). All sets were within 5 points. We struggled to get ahead on the 5th set exchanging points back and forth. After a hard game, we lost by one point, ending the game at 2-3. Overall, this was the most consistent the team has played together in a while. We’re looking forward to our next home match on Saturday, Oct. 1 as we play Ozark Christian College at 1...

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President Smith Appoints Interim VP for Academic Affairs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 13, 2016 Dallas, TX–The President’s Office announced today that Bruce Long, current Dean of Non-Traditional Programs, has been appointed Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs effective immediately. “I am pleased to announce that Mr. Long has agreed to serve as the interim vice president for academic affairs,” said President Smith. “Bruce has served the College faithfully all these years and has worked consistently to improve the services we provide to our students on this campus. There are a number of exciting developments in the works at DCC for this upcoming academic year and I am confident...

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DCC Welcomes New Practical Ministries Department Chair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 7, 2016 DALLAS, TX- The Academic Department of Dallas Christian College announced today that Dr. Eddy Sanders has been appointed Chair of the Practical Ministries Department. Dr. Sanders will be teaching Bible and ministry courses beginning fall 2016 and will be developing co-curricular programming to engage students in ministry both during and after college, thereby fulfilling a key role in DCC’s mission to raise up people of godly influence in the church and in other parachurch ministries.    “When my wife, Cheryl, and I first visited Dallas Christian College in the spring, I became very impressed with the...

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Not So Serious—Or Not What You Were Expecting: A Theological Approach to Capitalization

Yes, capitalization. " We’ve all faced it—the moment when the brain freezes on what job titles to capitalize. I wrestle with it, too. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone by down-styling their job, and I certainly don’t want to be guilty of the sin of inconsistency, dreaded by all of us jot-and-tittle-minded proofreaders. American usage on capitalization is in flux. Business and legal documents have their peculiar styles, and those spill over into other realms, and soon everyone is confused. We could solve things by going back to the Germanic roots of English and capitalize all nouns, as...

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