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Not So Serious—Or Not What You Were Expecting: A Theological Approach to Capitalization

Yes, capitalization. " We’ve all faced it—the moment when the brain freezes on what job titles to capitalize. I wrestle with it, too. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone by down-styling their job, and I certainly don’t want to be guilty of the sin of inconsistency, dreaded by all of us jot-and-tittle-minded proofreaders. American usage on capitalization is in flux. Business and legal documents have their peculiar styles, and those spill over into other realms, and soon everyone is confused. We could solve things by going back to the Germanic roots of English and capitalize all nouns, as...

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Education Students Reflect on Student Teaching Experience (3 of 3)

Senior student, Kyle Spurgin, reflects on his first year of students teaching: One thing that I will never forget about my year of student teaching was the love that the kids had for me. In fact, for some bizarre reason, one student would always randomly call out my name, “Spurgin!” Eventually, this got all of 8th grade doing the same thing. Walking down the hall, you’d hear “Spurgin!” If they tossed a paper ball in the trash can–“Spurgin!” If they scored a goal, “Spurgin!” It got so bad that teachers would come up to me and say, “So you’re the...

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Education Students Reflect on Student Teaching Experience (2 of 3)

Nicole Garza, doing her student teaching at Carrollton Elementary in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, reports the following about her experience so far: I have a first-grade class of 19 students—15 boys (rambunctious and impulsive) and 4 girls (quieter but sly). It has been a real exercise in patience! I have learned that the more you get to know your students, the more their behavior stops being random and troublesome, and the better class morale becomes. I have learned how much home life affects the classroom, and I have had my heart broken—and mended—by God on how to show love...

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Education Students Reflect on Student Teaching Experience (1 of 3)

Adrianna Walton-Rogers, doing her student teaching in a 3rd -grade class at Kent Elementary in Carrollton TX, reports the following: Happy, sad, funny, and challenging—so much goes into being a teacher that people don’t know. I am much more appreciative of what teachers do, and now I can see why they say “We don’t get paid enough for what we do”—I agree with that 100%! One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing the kids mature physically, emotionally, and intellectually through this year. They have grown tremendously, and I am hopeful for their future. Among the funny things...

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Professor Brian Horn Never Thought He Would “Teach Teachers”

“Those who can do, those who can’t, teach.” Ever heard that bit of nonsense? Dr. Horn not only heard it, but he had grown up with parents who were both educators and who wanted to see their son enter a profession that would earn him an easier life than teaching. So he determined early to become either a chemist or lawyer. At OU, he double-majored in pre-law and chemistry. About teaching, he says, “I did all I could to avoid it.” Then one summer in college, he found himself interning at Weyerhauser Paper Company with the task of coming...

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