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A Talk With a Buddhist Part 1 of 4

Recently, I was tasked with an assignment at seminary that called for me to interview someone with a different religious belief from mine. The purpose was to get to know someone and engage in a conversation that revealed what beliefs they had specifically. What follows is Part 1 of a series of posts that will describe my interaction with a self-proclaimed Buddhist. Part 1 I arrived on a Dallas Buddhist temple ground to interview a local Buddhist about their beliefs. Oddly enough, the first person I encountered was a Thai monk wearing an orange robe. The problem was he only spoke Thai.  I knew I...

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After Seven Years of Service, VP for Communications Announces Resignation

FACULTY & STAFF NEWS 26 August 2016 Matthew Meeks, VP for Communications, Announces Resignation Plans to begin entreprenurial initiatives in Dallas–Fort Worth area Dallas, Texas–Every employee at DCC works in the faith that God has called us to this work.  And the other side of that is the faith that he can also show us when he wants us elsewhere.  Vice President for Communications Matthew Meeks now finds himself in that latter category.  After seven years at DCC, Matthew has tendered his resignation in order to keep following God’s leading. “I came to DCC knowing that the Lord’s hand...

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Worship Arts Department Announces Hiring of New Choir Director, Other Exciting Changes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 10, 2016 Bruce Long, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Released the Following Statement Regarding Changes to Worship Arts Program “The worship arts major is one of our flagship programs, from leading music in our chapel services to traveling across the country on choir tours–the department and its students are invaluable. We believe that the Worship Arts program is vital in our mission to producing graduates who will influence the church and world through the ministry of music and arts for God’s Kingdom, just as it has done for many years. Over the 66 years...

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Not So Serious—Or Not What You Were Expecting: A Theological Approach to Capitalization

Yes, capitalization. " We’ve all faced it—the moment when the brain freezes on what job titles to capitalize. I wrestle with it, too. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone by down-styling their job, and I certainly don’t want to be guilty of the sin of inconsistency, dreaded by all of us jot-and-tittle-minded proofreaders. American usage on capitalization is in flux. Business and legal documents have their peculiar styles, and those spill over into other realms, and soon everyone is confused. We could solve things by going back to the Germanic roots of English and capitalize all nouns, as...

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Education Students Reflect on Student Teaching Experience (3 of 3)

Senior student, Kyle Spurgin, reflects on his first year of students teaching: One thing that I will never forget about my year of student teaching was the love that the kids had for me. In fact, for some bizarre reason, one student would always randomly call out my name, “Spurgin!” Eventually, this got all of 8th grade doing the same thing. Walking down the hall, you’d hear “Spurgin!” If they tossed a paper ball in the trash can–“Spurgin!” If they scored a goal, “Spurgin!” It got so bad that teachers would come up to me and say, “So you’re the...

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