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Three Roles of a Worship Pastor

Recently, I was given the privilege of teaching a class of young worship leaders. I was asked to talk with them about something I wish that I had learned before I graduated. I am sure over the course of my education that the topic of worship pastor was covered, but I don’t know if I ever truly understood the weight until much later. What I wish I had understood was that the role of a worship pastor is threefold: pastor, theologian, and musician. And I believe that it is important to understand that musician should always come last.Over and...

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Worship Arts Department Announces Hiring of New Choir Director, Other Exciting Changes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 10, 2016 Bruce Long, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Released the Following Statement Regarding Changes to Worship Arts Program “The worship arts major is one of our flagship programs, from leading music in our chapel services to traveling across the country on choir tours–the department and its students are invaluable. We believe that the Worship Arts program is vital in our mission to producing graduates who will influence the church and world through the ministry of music and arts for God’s Kingdom, just as it has done for many years. Over the 66 years...

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SALTeens Production coming to Dallas this Weekend!

SALTeens, which stands for Singing And Living Truth, is a program that presents the Gospel using music and drama to churches throughout the Southwest. This year, the program’s theme is “identity,” focusing on the identity that we have as believers in Christ. The students and directors have been preparing for the performances over the last several weeks, and are excited about this year’s theme and opportunity to perform in their own city, right here in Dallas, this weekend. SALTeens will perform tomorrow, June 25th, at Lakeview Christian Church in Garland, TX at 7:00 p.m. On June 26th, they will...

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