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Theology of Ministry

Biblically Accuracy: A Perspective for Life

A theology of ministry begins with the source of truth in the 21st century: The Living God revealed in Christ Jesus.  He most specifically reveals himself through Scripture in the 21st century.  This must shape our worldview.

A worldview translates into ministry with the recognition that all of humanity was created to be in a relationship with God (Gen 2-3).  Sin changed that.  However, our relationship with God is restored in Christ (Col 1:15-20; John 1).  Salvation comes only in a restored relationship with God found through faith, repentance, baptism, and obedience in Christ.

Scripture contains numerous themes upon which we must build our lives.  Scripture calls for self-denial and obedience to Christ and the Church.  The secular way of life found in Western Society greatly challenges believers to live, think, and act Biblically.  Our calling throughout Scripture paints a picture for our lives that will eventually blend into eternity.

Cultural Awareness: Serving Well in Pluralistic Society

Every century has its challenges.  The 21st century, like those before it, poses numerous challenges for faithfulness as a Christian.  Such concepts as pluralism,[1] modernism, postmodernism, and political-correctness present daily challenges for the believer.  The Christian way is often mocked as exclusive and myopic.  It’s an unfortunate situation, yet it presents opportunities for powerful obedience to Christ.

A Christian response to the present reality requires that first we live in the awareness of these mentalities and philosophies, responding with wisdom and love.  Second, that we communicate well using every available means, whether through electronics and technology or face to face.  21st century believers must seize the opportunities that the 21st century provides.

Theological Significance: Theology That Matters

Theology communicates messages about God.  These messages must make sense today so that we may understand how to live faithfully.  Theology must matter in the daily lives of Christians.  God wants to be active in his church, active in our lives.

Theological significance that is helpful today comes through preaching, leadership, serving, and teaching.  The Kingdom utilizes these gifts and many others as God’s work continues.  Theology must be practical.

Practical Relevance: Theology that Applies to Life

We serve the Lord because he has transformed us.  We help others experience the same.  God asks us to continue in that mission!

Throughout Scripture, God calls humanity to understand itself as he does: humanity is valuable and worth redeeming.  He desires relationship with us, his creation.  He wants us to relate well to each other.  In relationships inside and outside of the church, believers are to model relationships that understand humanity as valuable.  The simple word for this is “love.”  Love must shape how we treat everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, wealth, or politics.


A theology of ministry must express the two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor (Matt 22:37-40).  May God bless us as we live and do ministry together.


[1] I have in mind religious pluralism which claims that all religions are equally valid.



 Eddy Sanders is the practical ministries department chair at Dallas Christian College.


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