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This and That from Here and There from 1952

This and That from Here and There from 1952

Another newsletter from DCC’s archives–September 1952. Noteworthy in this one are the many individuals and congregations who were helping DCC get moving, the enrollment figure of the nascent school, and the conference featuring a “thrilling” contest. Building use would probably raise some eyebrows these days, too–read closely to find that one.

It is our hope that DCC’s students today–whether vocational ministers or educators or business people or psychologists or sports managers–recognize their role as members of the body of Christ and participate in the life of that body, not only in Texas but also throughout the world. May we scatter widely–to the uttermost parts of the earth.

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  1. Thanks for this newsletter. It had a statement about student James Mantooth and where he was preaching while attending DCC. This is my father-in-law and I’m very glad to be able to read the newsletter and comment regarding him.

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